Rosie Sanders

Rosie Sanders creates neo-classically inspired luxury jewellery with a contemporary feminine edge. From scroll medallions to neoclassical knuckledusters each piece is skillfully hand crafted from precious metals, enamel and gemstones. Launched on the 100th International Women’s Day in March 2013, Rosies Sanders jewellery is designed to offer discerning dames a range of subversive statement pieces and tiny trinkets that are perfect for contemporary style adventurers. With a background in anthropology and fine art, which Rosie studied at The School of Oriental & African Studies and The Slade School of Art, each curvaceous collection celebrates scrolls as enduring symbols of opulence and power, what Rosie refers to as ‘Neoclassical Couture’. Rosie trained as a jeweller at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Media & Design at London Metropolitan University and upon winning a series of awards she gained an 18-month residency. Renaissance Rebel is her first commercially available collection that launches her brand of neo-classically inspired urban glamour which stems from an impressive portfolio of hand forged neoclassically inspired luxury statement pieces. Since launching, the Renaissance Rebel collection has gained valuable media exposure in The Metro and stylist requests for Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, Yadi, Laura Mvula and Alex Hepburn. Rosie was also one of 10 designers championed as 'talent of the future' by The British Jewellers Association who took part in this years 'KickStart' showcase at IJL in September. As a fitting tribute to her creative inspiration, the collection is set to adorn the very place that inspired it, The Wallace Collection in London, to coincide with the opening of the upcoming exhibition The Male Nude, on the 24th of October 2013.
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