At just 6 years old, Marisa Hordern, Creative Director and Founder of Missoma, was given her first gemstone. A gift from her mother, little did either of them know how it was the start of a lifelong journey. In fact, gemstones became something of a passion for Marisa growing up; attracted to the many different colours, textures, and stories behind each gemstone, she collected them in all shapes and forms.'Growing up I was always obsessed with the kaleidoscope of different gemstone ColoursIn 2005, Marisa decided to leave her job at luxury goods holding company Richemont and pursue her love of jewellery. She founded Missoma, which was a combination of her mother Michele, sister Sophie and her name. Starting it around their kitchen table, they would design and make their gemstone jewellery from home. Marisa went to Jaipur looking for gemstone suppliers and workshops to interpret her designs. She then worked alongside them to perfect the shapes and cuts of each gemstone and to develop the look and contemporary finish that has become associated with a Missoma piece.Today, Missoma is known for its 18ct gold vermeil jewellery and its use of bold colours and special hand faceted cuts. Although it specialises in gemstones, it has recently also branched out into diamond pave jewellery, with a more delicate and minimalist look that is centred around everyday luxury.
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