Katie Mullally

Katie Mullally passion for silver started early. After leaving school she worked in her Grandmother’s antique business in the Old Grays Antique Market in South Molton Street, London. It was here that Katie's appreciation of this beautiful metal took a firm hold and where she earnt the importance of a little, yet very telling mark – a hallmark. A hallmark tells you everything you need to know about a piece: the date, assay office where it was marked, purity of silver and the name of the designer. In the UK it is only necessary to hallmark silver if it weighs over 7.78g. However, all Katie's pieces are sent to the, government accredited, Goldsmiths Company Assay Office in London for hallmarking, they test the silver for purity and only then is it hallmarked. Katie Mullally hallmarked sterling silver jewellery combines vintage pieces with modern bespoke design with a strong design link to my Irish heritage. They are quirky, eclectic, individual and, of course, British made. Where possible, she incorporate large bails enabling the wearer to use their own chains or ribbon, potentially layering up with other pieces.When you purchase, or receive, a Katie Mullally design, in addition to acquiring a piece of jewellery, the KMM hallmark and the letter stamp, representing the year, is a guarantee that your new treasure is an investment as well as something to love, cherish and wear. Look after a piece of Katie Mullally silver and it will last forever …..
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