Joanli Nor

JOANLI NOR is the latest Brand of chic sparkly jewellery to arrive at the Nordahl Andersen group. Amazing quality jewellery at affordable prices. Nordahl Andersen is a unique success story with a steady growth and the award as "Innovator of the year in the Jewellery business” 2015. The secret is a dialogue with customers, unremitting persistence, talent for innovation and quick response from idea to practice. The company was founded in 1984 by N.O Andersen. N.O Andersen visited, for many years, the retailers in Denmark selling different lines of Jewellery. In 2007 the company was bought by the next generation. Today Nordahl Andersen is a House of Brands, containing a variety of well known brands, All still with growth and news every year. The company especially focus on growth in the nearby markets but the future is also to grow on the export market. "Our approach to all our export market reflects our approach on the Danish market, and through this, we want to grow even more" As an extra pat on the shoulder, Nordahl Andersen won the award "Innovator of the year in the Jewellery business” 2015. The jury justified it with the following words: "Nordahl Andersen thinks retail and out-of-the-store sale. They have the best customer service, are flexible and accommodating. The world’s nicest people, professional, serious, trustworthy and hard-working. In other words, a great business partner who listens, finds solutions and always up for making new designs with great success"
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