Eastern Mystic

Starting her career in the City at 19, Sonal's talent for jewellery came to light after joining investment bank Goldman Sachs.Her fascination with gemstones began at 22, with her first purchase of a strand of rough cut aquamarines from India and a handful of Murano beads she stumbled across in London.Drawn to their unique facets and colour, her random curiosity developed into a secret indulgence. growing over a few months to become an enviable treasure trove of gemstones from all over the world, proving an exotic distraction from the corporate world.At 23, the sudden loss of Sonal's father and aunt, coupled with a demanding career, unearthed a need for a creative escape and she was soon intrigued with turning her striking collection of stones into modern, vibrant and wearable adornments that brought out each stone's individual beauty, whilst sharing with the wearer stories and traditions of Sonal's Indian heritage.Spending her free time teaching herself to make jewellery, she created her first range, Tribal Decadence in 2009.Inspired by India's rich culture, the vibrant clash of colours, the opulence of traditional jewellery and ornateness of tribal adornments, Sonal's designs soon attracted the attention of family, friends and colleagues and, with orders increasing through word of mouth, set the wheels in motion for the start of her first statement jewellery label, Eastern Mystic.In September 2009, Sonal was awarded a place on the first KICKSTART initiative, a launchpad for selected fledgling designers to be introduced to the commercial world of jewellery at trade show International Jewellery London, and saw this as the perfect platform to launch her brand.Eastern Mystic is fast becoming a label recognised for its uniquely bold and seductive tribal style, with pieces featured in Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, Stylist, The Telegraph and Cosmopolitan to name but a few. Each piece is designed and handmade by Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran.
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