Daisy London

For you, with travel in your heart. For us all, the wild and free. We keep wellness and energy at our core. Daisy London was born out of a love for the beautiful and the exotic, a passion for travel and far-flung shores and a taste for adventure. Daisy captures these elements in the initial designs, right through to the finished product. Each piece is hand crafted with care, using only 925 sterling silver with gold and rose gold vermeil. Chakra bracelets and necklaces come in 24 carat Gold over Silver. Chakras are the manifestation of spiritual energies on the physical level. In turn, these energy flows are regulated, consciously or unconsciously, as the chakras open and close in repsonse to our physical lives. The role of the chakras is to aid mental and physical alignment. The chakras are arranged from the coccyx to the crown along the spine, each one represented by a colour of the rainbow. The lower, earth-orientated chakras govern the practical matters of our lives - survival and animation, and are governed by physical and social law. As we progress up the spine and through the colours of the rainbow, so the chakras become related to the mental realms; they work on an increasingly conceptual, metaphorical plane. Thus, as we nurture each chakra along the chain we 'become' the rainbow bridge, connected to the higher realms. Daisy Chakras do not profess to affect the wearer's spiritual or physical wellbeing. Rather, let your Daisy Chakra serve as a reminder to you of the higher plane on which you aspire to live your life, as you explore this ancient eastern philosophy.
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